Apohadion Theater Movie Nights- June 2015

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TrashHumpersRemember when we showed Trashumpers at the Apohadion?  No you probably don’t unless you were one of the 16 people who came out to see it. Anyway- it was cool. The Apohadion is a fun place to watch movies! In June, we’ll be screening one movie every Tuesday night at 8:30 PM at the theatre.  We’re trying to raise a little $ to build a sound proof wall on our side to keep from running afoul of the recording studio on the other side.  We thought we’d screen a movie, and suggest a donation of $4 for entry. –  we’ll post the movie schedule soon, so check back in on us. (I’m thinking maybe the first one could be the incredible english language french-fantasy-drama-set-in-Tokyo “Enter the Void” by Gaspar Noé)

snoochie boochie woochies! – The Apohadion Theater

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Apohadion Records – Portland, Maine

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Check out our releases – available on vinyl, cd or digital download:

——— Aleric Nez S/T (12″LP, CD) – first album by Portland songwriter Aleric “Vince” Nez.  Recorded at The Apohadion Theater.

——— Rob Stillman & Archaic Future Players “Station Wagon Interior Perspective – A Requiem for John Fahey” (10″LP, CD)

——— Plains “Confirm Reservation” (12″LP, CD)

——— Plains “Live on WMBR” (physical copies sold out)

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art studio fun with DRAB PONY & VIDEO NASTIES  7 pm  – donations gladly accepted for travelling musicians – 107 hanover street, west ice blob portland

New Plains record for sale

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